A Bountiful Life Awaits!


Adventure! Graphics! Community!
Explore a vast world, filled with tasks to do, villagers to meet, and money to make. The possibilities are endless; start your new life with your choice of a career, your choice of friends, and your choice of what to do. Building off of the original 3D art style of older farming simulators. We seek to improve the graphics, audio, and animations of the farming and life genre with our own unique art style.   Meet your fellow friends and family of Jubilee Village. Become best friends with the barkeep, reminisce with the town elders, woo your love interest. You can even play co-op with your pals and gals. 

What is Bountiful Life?

Bountiful Life is our unique addition to the farming and life simulator gaming genre. Our goal is to improve the graphics of our favorite genre, but more importantly, to create a rich story and 3D environment for the player interact with. 

There are many features we want to include; to mention a few. Farming, fishing, and foraging are the three most obvious in any farming simulator. But we also have planned to introduce social events, character events, mining, cooking, main and side quests, and much more. On top of that, we want to make our project be a truly amazing experience for our player base, we plan to include co-op support at launch, and potentially include virtual reality support. 

Platforms, Prices, and Periods?

Our final product will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. While pricing has yet to be confirmed, we want as many people as possible to join our community and enjoy our project; thus, we’d like to have our product released at an affordable price for everyone. 

Join the Team?

We’re looking to expand our team, if you’re interested in joining this project, apply at our hiring section. We are in need of a vast list of skills that we’d love to see you help with. From programming to the many forms of audio and visual art, if you feel like you quality and want to see this project grow, come talk to us.