Our Mission!

Alcinous Studios, founded in early 2016, is dedicated to developing video games; specifically, in the farming and life simulator genre. We want people who enjoy the idea of living and interacting in a much simpler time to see our take on such an idea. We are working diligently across North America to bring our ideas into existence. It is our goal to bring better graphics, artificial intelligence, mechanics to our favorite genre and want to make it available to PCs, consoles, and VR platforms

Our Team!

Daniel Metz

Daniel Metz is the Founder and CEO of Alcinous Studios, with the original vision to create a modern Farming & Life Simulator. He has his two-year degree in Computer Information Technology, with a specialty in Simulation & Game Development. Daniel specializes in 3D graphic art, specifically 3D modeling and texturing. As well as audio & video composition and editing.

Jameson Outlaw

Jameson Outlaw is an audio composer, who joined the studio in late 2017. Jameson boosts a record within the studio of playing the most Harvest Moon series video games.

Benjamin Espinoza

Benjamin Espinoza is an audio compositor who is currently working toward getting his degree in audio art.